A team,
With a mission to create value for producers
While guaranteeing transparency for the buyer
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Café Condado as an exporting company is recent and it was
created by Laura because of her love for amazing cup of coffees
and the need to be able to create value and guarantee continuity for the
amazing coffees Condado's Farm produced.

But it grew, and in 2019 Felipe joined the team  bringing along
his passion for the future of specialty coffee
and his relentlessness motivation to get better and evolve.

We work with processing partners, producers and Cooperrita
(Santa Rita do Sapucaí's coop), in order to provide the world
amazing coffees.

Our mission is clear: we are here to get a better margin for producers
for the amazing coffees they produce while we guarantee to the buyers
that they know each step of the process.

Transparency, Quality and Communication