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Mantiqueira de Minas
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Condado as an exporting company was founded in 2017, but our coffee story dates 5 generations back.
We came from the need of a better life condition for ourselves as farmers and our neighbors.
Now, it has grown to become more than a way of paying fair prices to producers, but also a more transparent, honest and hopefully an agent of change in our region, Mantiqueira de Minas.

What we believe

Excelent Coffees

Thanks to an amazing terroir from Mantiqueira de Minas, the coffees we work with are some of the best from Brazil. Scoring from 80 to 91 points on SCA scoring system, we praise for a high quality processing system and a tight quality control.


Producer and our Clients MUST know how much each one is getting, it is fair and simple.

Fluid Communication

Easy access with fast answers filled with TRUTH.
If there is any issue, change, doubt just communicate with the other part quick and openly. There is always room for improvement.

We aim to Connect Producers and Roasters with guaranteed Transparency, Fairness and Ethics

Our Farm

Condado's Farm is where it all started.
It is the most beautiful piece of land in the world
(at least in our humble opinion)
Come and check this lady, that is responsible
for a lot of amazing childhood memories and
sweet SWEET coffees!


When we started exporting we would export
only Condado's Farm coffees
But as we got the chance to cup the
amazing coffees from our neighbors,
we saw we couldn't leave those people and coffees behind.
Check the producers that work with us

3 Continents

In 3 years exporting we have had amazing
experiences with clients from 3 continents.
France, Belgium, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Norway
all have had amazing experiences with us.
Want to have that experience as well?

1st Place Woman of Agribusiness Brazil 2018

Laura, Condado's Founder was awarded the prize
"1st place - Woman of Agribusiness Brazil 2018"
due to her hard work at Café Condado.
This award comes as recognition for the
work done inside the farm and with the
small producers around the region.

Talk to us

Want to know more? Need specialty coffees from our region? Talk to us!